Wall Cabinets

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers stainless steel modular wall cabinetry providing designers and home owners with endless flexibility in design configurations – and to truly give the homeowner the feeling of being in an inside kitchen.

Wall cabinetry is available in 3” increments from 12” to 36” wide, with a 13” outside dimension and standard heights from 15” to 42”. The cabinet line includes diagonal corner and blind corner wall cabinets, and each cabinet has two furnished 24” to 36” wide doors. Every cabinet comes complete with a top and bottom finished panel, stainless pulls, and European style stainless hinges & hardware. Doors may be ordered in different styles with and opening for glass. Like standard cabinets, powder coat options are also available for wall cabinets. For low to no maintenance requirements, rich designer powder coat colors or faux wood species are available to keep the cabinets protected from all weather conditions.

Download our spec guide here.

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